Those who have lived in the UAE, know how frustrating this time of the year can be.
Yes, the heat is on, and it is real hard to cope up with the climatic conditions in UAE around this time of year.

As temperatures begin to rise this summer you should take precautions against the scorching heat as the weather is expected to reach 50 degrees over the next few days.

Heat wave bring risks of sunburn, exhaustion and stroke that can be serious life threatening conditions. Children, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions needs to be taken special care of because they are at the greatest risk of heat-related illness.

Look for air conditioned spaces like community centres, libraries, stores, restaurants or shopping malls to escape the heat.
Outdoor activity at nights are advised rather than mornings.
Make a habit of applying sunscreen, seeking shade and having a water bottle available wherever you go.
Keep your home cool by closing shades and blinds, and avoid using the oven.

Drink More Water during hot summers for skin hydration.
Apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns.
Wear loose clothes that are made out of cool fabrics.
Avoid dark colors as well, especially black.
Wear cotton and light colored outfits.
Eat smaller meals more regularly. Some of the best summer foods include curd/ yogurt, cold soups, coconut water, watermelon, cucumber, fresh Salads, iced tea and other refreshing beverages, lime water, ice creams.
Warning: Never leave your children in a parked car even if the windows are cracked open!