RJ Deepa

The stars are the limit for this girl…

A cheerful girl who always carries positive vibes with her and leaves a trail of joy wherever she goes.
Deepa knew from a very young age that media was her forte. She has an affinity for both music and fashion. With her encyclopedia of information and witty takes, she is here to entertain you on your drive back home.

RJ in 3 words - Live, Laugh, Love

RJ's Role - Grab your favorite music and head out on a drive with Deepa in Total Request Line.

What she brings you - She brings your favorite music.
She brings the refreshing energy you need on your drive back home after a tiring day of work.
She has a lot of wacky games up her sleeves.
She makes your evening bright.

Shows - Total Request Line and Most Wanted

Timings - 7 PM to 10 PM, Sunday to Thursday and 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM on Saturday

Zodiac - The charmer, Libra.

Personality - Drama queen, Energetic, Easy-going, Peppy, Adventurous.

My RJ styling - Engages your mind, Lifts up your mood.

I like the smell of - Coffee and Cocoa.

Stress buster - Kofi (that's my pet, named him after my coffee addiction)

Music for me is - When I ON my music, the world goes OFF for me.

My Favorite movies - Superman Movies, Aaranyakam, Banglore days, Dhoom, Knight and day, Fast and Furious.

My Favorite actors - Three Khans-never seen together but I love all three, (Mohanlal + Jagathy), Prithviraj, Vijay, Vin Diesel, Bang bang of Hollywood -Tom Cruise.

Getaway - Happiness is a day at the beachside coffee shop. A little sand between the toes takes away all the woes.

My biggest sin - Procrastination. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will…….tomorrow!!!!.