RJ Samira

The name’s really Nimmy and Samira happens to be my ‘stage-name’. Some call me Sam, and I love it! I’ Music has always been an integral part of my life. One could find me humming a tune more often than reciting physics formulae when I was training to be an Electronics Engineer until the Radio bug bit me! I then auditioned for my first true passion– Radio. Being an RJ is awesome, it’s always been less of a job and more of an innate calling. I love to talk about anything to anyone. I believe I understand the language of every person I encounter and value their feelings.

The motto I go by every day is “Tomorrow will not be the same! So if today is good, then make the most of it and if it’s bad, as I said, tomorrow will not be the same! So chill! You’ve got one life to LOVE & LIVE and the best part is YOU are the master planner

RJ in 3 words - Bold, Funny & Spontaneous!

RJ's Role - To get the freshness back in your lives... Yeah, that’s what I do! I am that curve on your face which makes you look the most awesome person...and me too

What she brings - Perfect start to your day; Happiness and more Happiness!

Shows - Morning Drive, Saturdays With Samira

Timings - 6-11 AM, Sunday to Thursday and 4:00 PM- 7:00 PM Saturday

Zodiac - Cancer

Personality - I try my best to maintain a positive attitude and I am always ready to explore absolutely anything! You’ll get to know more if you listen to me daily

My RJ styling - Energy package with tons of fun interaction and yeah I am very much myself on-air.

I like the smell of - Nail polishes, Jasmine – the flower & Issey Miyake Perfume!

Stress buster - Being silent and at times talking to myself – just because I prefer to suppress all my stress within me and not to spread it.

Music for me is - a secret language between hearts!

My Favorite movies - Kilukkam, Boeing Boeing.

My Favorite actors - Kate Winslet, Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, Manju Warrier, Salim Kumar etc.

My biggest sin - I’ve never really been up for sinning!

Getaway - My room!