Check out the biggest Iftar in UAE, with the help of 1,000 people who work all day at the big Armed Forces Officers Club.
Certainly isn’t an easy task to feed 35,000 people daily at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque every day for Ramadan at the sprawling lawns of the iconic mosque.

About 1,000 people work all day at the big Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel's big kitchen to produce the free Iftar meals for the worshippers who break their fast at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during the holy month.

The team consists of 350 chefs, 160 stewards and 450 service staff - including purchasing, store, hygiene and safety - all work hand-in-hand to prepare and put together the Iftar meals.

At the kitchen, the staff uses 12 tonnes of chicken and six tonnes of lamb are used each day in addition to other products and ingredients such as rice, vegetables, tomatoes and onions, amounting to 35 tonnes.

A meal box also includes an apple, water, dates, laban drink and fruit juices. After the meal parcels are packed, they are taken over to the nearby Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.