Stay safe while surfing the internet.

UAE residents are constantly connected to their phones, and it goes without saying that high-speed internet access is a necessity.

For those who opt for public WiFi networks, some must-know tips for surfing the net safely and wisely were shared by the Dubai Electronic Security Center.

As the guardian of Dubai's cyberspace, it recommends following these simple steps to stay safe on public WiFi:

  1. Verify your WiFi connection. Make sure to ask what the WiFi connection is to avoid connecting to suspicious networks automatically.
  2. Avoid entering personal login details and refrain from transferring funds while on public wifi connections
  3. Control or turn off sharing applications, as cybercriminals can access personal information through these networks

Understanding how public Wifi works will help you protect your data from falling into malicious hands, warned the DESC.

A few months ago, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued an advisory on exposing personal data on public WiFi networks in UAE.