Celebrating April fool’s day with a classic game!

Written by on 2 April 2019

Google has brought back the classic snake game which was a huge trend between all Nokia users. With their own twist, the snake game is the concept but users play using a train, picking up passengers without falling off the map or hitting oneself. Landing on the Google homepage, you’re greeted with a small sentence […]

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The ‘Netflix of Gaming’ has arrived

Written by on 20 March 2019

Ever felt like you ran out of games? Google is set to take the gaming industry by storm, as they are creating a gaming hub for users to avail and play through all devices. Tagged as ‘Netflix of gaming’, Google presents ‘Stadia’, a platform aiming to let players stream blockbuster titles to any device they […]

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Chrome 73 to function along with the multimedia keys.

Written by on 10 February 2019

The next version of Google’s search browser, Chrome 73, would come with support for multimedia keys on desktop and laptop keyboards, the media reported. To make matters easier and as a utility sort, the feature would initially support “play”, “pause”, “previous track”, “next track”, “seek backward” and “seek forward” keyboard commands, which is scheduled to […]

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