Let it snow!

Written by on 16 January 2020

Let it snow! A temperature of -0.1 degrees Celsius was recorded at the top of the UAE’s highest mountain, Jais Mountain being covered in snow. After a week of unpredictable weather, a temperature of -0.1 degrees Celsius was recorded at 4.15am on Wednesday January 15 in the UAE. It was at the top-most peak of […]

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Mercury dips in Kerala; Munnar covered with frost

Written by on 9 January 2019

Munnar hill station in Kerala was covered in a blanket of frost. Kerala’s famous hill station of Munnar has been experiencing sub-zero temperatures since New Year. While it hasn’t snowed here, the temperatures are low enough to turn due into frost every morning, giving the region a coat of white. Situated at an altitude ranging […]

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