Few actors have appeared in more than 300 films, won four state awards, and won a national prize. Salim Kumar, a Malayalam actor, accomplished all of this 27 years after making his film debut, and he is now ready to scale even greater heights. Despite becoming famous mostly for his humorous roles, Kumar was also well known for his ability to provide powerful performances in more serious roles.

However, the actor feels that political correctness has negatively impacted comedy in movies and that there aren’t enough comedic parts being played in today’s movies.

Salim Kumar noted that political correctness is a hindrance to humour, saying: “Now we can’t call someone bald or dark. Each and every word must adhere to political correctness. We don’t know when a lawsuit will be brought against us.

According to Kumar, overt emphasis on political correctness has destroyed people’s sense of humour since humour cannot be developed when there are constraints. “Being confined cannot produce humour. Kunjan Nambiar himself criticized the king. Cartoonist Shankar was given instructions by Nehru not to spare him. There should be no restrictions on humour, he added.