Petrol Price

Save money on petrol in the UAE

Written by on 14 May 2019

We are lucky enough to have some of the most affordable petrol prices in the world. Here are ways to save even more money, by consuming less fuel. Don’t warm up your car for too long. Because we live in the UAE, we really don’t need to warm up our cars for longer than 30 […]

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Petrol Price In UAE

UAE petrol prices to increase in April

Written by on 31 March 2019

  The Petrol prices for the UAE are set to increase significantly in April 2019. In April, drivers can expect to pay Dhs2.23 per litre for Super 98, up from Dhs2.04 in March. Special 95 will cost Dhs2.11 per litre, an increase of 19 fils from Dhs1.92 last month. Diesel will also be more expensive […]

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