Rajisha Vijayan

A must watch song from ‘Standup’ movie

Written by on 19 December 2019

Stand Up Malayalam Movie Review ‘Kathakal Paraye’ song from ‘Standup’ narrated the trauma that  Rajisha Vijayan’s character of Diya goes through after a sexual assault. Isolated, lost in thoughts, a multitude of emotions go through her mind and they are perfectly portrayed in this song. The intense lyrics and voice-over will surely make your heart […]

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Catch ‘June’ on February 15!

Written by on 11 February 2019

Directed by Ahammed Khabeer, the makers announced that the film titled, ‘June’ is set to hit screens on February 15. The movie revolves around a female lead, discussing the life and issues faced by a woman from teen to a youth. The movie stars Joju George, Rajisha Vijayan and Aswathi Menon in the lead roles. Vijayan, […]

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