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25th November declared as UAE National Sports Day!

November 25 has been declared as the National Sports Day, themed ‘UAE Unites US.’Announced at a press conference, by Mohammad Ebrahim Al Mahmoud, Vice-President of the General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare at the capital on Monday evening in which men, women and children of various nationalities will be brought together in the spirit of friendly competition.

The UAE National Sports Day will aim at promoting healthy living, sporting competition which will help create a harmonious society.

However, the biggest challenge is to get all the companies and various establishments into the fold and ask them to conduct some activity for the employees as November 25 is a working day.

UAE to ensure that everyone would support this cause and that all will work towards creating awareness. 

The organising committee, which along with Al Mahmoud also consists of Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health, Mohammad Al Kamali, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee and Shaima Al Zaraouni, Executive Director of the Emirates Foundation for Humanitarian Services, also announced the types of proposed activities and programmes for the day which will also encourage labour camps to participate as well as women of all nationalities, working or homemakers.

It will include recreational sports, leisurely sports, social communal sports and competitive sports, in addition to cultural and awareness programmes related to health, sports, environment and traditional cultural physical activities.

Looking forward to the First year of National Sports Day in the UAE.