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RJ Rinosh George

Rinosh George is an independent musician from Bengaluru city. He has created waves in the music industry with his songs like
“Im a Mallu”, “This is Bengaluru” and “Break Free” and is now finally here in the U.A.E to it see that you have maximum fun on Toll Free Fun.

RJ in 3 words - Natural, Interactive, Friendly
RJ's Role – Funny, Super active, Spontaneous
What he brings you - Energy overloaded
Shows - Toll Free Fun
Timings - 4 PM to 7 PM.
Zodiac - Cancer
Personality - Fun loving and Friendly
My RJ styling - I love to talk and keep it fun
I like the smell of – success
Stress buster - Music
Music for me is - Freedom
My Favorite movies – About time, Ustad Hotel etc.
My Favorite actors - Mohanlal, Mammootty, Jagathy, Leonardo Dicaprio
My biggest sin – SIN? What is that?
Getaway – Chai with friends