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Sherine (Duplicate)

That's Sherine 

She is passionate in Radio, and music and that is the reason why I am  enjoying  Radio life for the last 9 years. Yes, it is her 9nth year in this field in different stations as an RJ. Travelling and watching movies are the other sector interests.

RJ in  3 words- Best friend,

RJ s Role-  Make people happy and take them to another world which is enriched with good old memories, fun, music and all thus entertaining people who are fed up with their work loads, and alone life here in UAE. She also showers positive energy to the night shift guys who works very hard to support their families.

She is also happy to share her weekends with one who works even on Fridays, feeding them old hit songs for long 4 hours on all Fridays.

What she brings you- Nostalgia, good friendship, old hit music, interesting trivia, rare interviews, your life connecting factors etc which boost you to go ahead with more enthusiasm.

Shows- Gold rewind ( sund- wed)

Fridays- Weekend classics

Saturdays- Weekend request

Timings- Weekdays sun- wed 10.00pm-1.00 am

Fridays- 10.00am-2.00pm

Saturdays -10.00 am to 1.00pm

Zodiac- Gemini

Personality- Simple, straight forward, down to earth, homely person who likes pets a lot.

My RJ styling- whoever who is listening to me,   will  feels that I am speaking to them.  Lifts up you to your good old memories and music.

I like the smell of- Spicy food, chocolate.

Stress buster- Travelling, watching comedy clippings

Music for me is- Above everything in this world, loves to recite keyboard

My Fav movies- Kilukkam, Boeing boeing.

My fav actors- Mohanlal, Kamal Hassan, KPAC Lalitha.

My biggest sin- Addiction to music.