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Deepa (Duplicate)

That's Deepa 

The stars are the limit for this girl…

Deepa knew from a young age that media was her forte. She has an affinity for both music and fashion. At 20, she joined radio in Kochi.

Looking for a new challenge, Deepa packed her bags and relocated to the UAE. With her blunt haircut and sixties fringes, she is everything from I love chocolates to take me for a movie. She loves to cook and experiment with food. But anything that qualifies to appear on a fear factor type show is out of her list.

RJ in 3 words: Loud, Louder, and Loudest.

RJ’s Role: Grab your favorite music and head out on a drive with Deepa in Sunset Drive.

With her encyclopedia of information and witty takes, she is here to entertain you on your drive back home.

What She Brings: She brings your favorite music.

She brings the refreshing energy you need on your drive back home after a tiring day of work.

She has a lot of wacky games up her sleeves.

She makes your evening bright.

Show:  Sunset Drive.

Timings: 7 to 10 PM.

Zodiac Sign: The charmer, Libra.

My Personality Type: Drama queen, Energetic, Easy-going, Peppy, Adventurous.

My RJing Style: Engages your mind,Lifts up your mood.

I like the smell of: Coffee and Cocoa.

My Stress Buster: Mohanlal + Jagathy

When Mohanlal and Jagathy get together for a scene , I remember Tom and Jerry . Although in this case, Tom wins almost all the time 

Music for Me is: When I ON my music, the world goes OFF for me.

My Favorite

Getaway:  Happiness is a day at the beach. A little sand between the toes, takes away all the woes.

Movies   : Aaranyakam, Yodha, Dhoom, Knight and day.

Actors    : Three Khans-never seen together but I love all three, (Mohanlal + Jagathy), Bang bang of Hollywood -Tom Cruise.

My Biggest Sin:    Procastination. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will…….tomorrow!!!!.