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RJ Meera 
A beautiful actress from the south Indian movie industry, Meera is a popular face on Film, Television and stage. She was also the popular host of singing reality show ‘Idea star singer’. Blessed with a beautiful voice and a cheerful personality, she entertains you every evening with Toll Free Fun.

RJ in  3 words - Natural, Interactive, Friendly 
RJ's Role - To make the drive back home all the more happy and cheerful
What she brings you -  Fun, happiness, positivity, love and lots more..
Shows - Toll Free Fun
Timings - 4 PM to 7 PM.
Zodiac - Sagitarius
Personality - Fun loving and Friendly
My RJ styling - I love to talk and I love to interact
I like the smell of - Rain and Filter Coffee!
Stress buster - Hanging out with my friends 
Music for me is - My passion and My companion
My Favorite movies - Taken Series
My Favorite actors - Mohanlal ,Mammootty ,George Clooney & Zac Efron
My biggest sin - 'S'orry 'I' have 'N'ever sinned

Getaway - Long Drives

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