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Kerala Café

Relax and unwind after your busy mornings, at Kerala Café with Diya - a show where you can hear all about lifestyle, culture, household tips, careers, shopping, etc. It’s the sure fire recipe to a relaxed mid-morning with mellow tunes that you have grown to love and love to hum along!

It’s the perfect mid morning dose of good music and super company as you ease into your day, be it at work or at home. It is the show that you can depend on! It’s the show that you love to laze to. It’s the show that keeps you informed. Kerala Café is a show like no other – It’s like a best friend you have always wanted!

Abu Dhabi Sunny 42°C
Ajman Sunny 41°C
Dubai Sunny 41°C
Fujairah Sunny 36°C
Umm al Quwain Sunny 40°C
Ras al Khaimah Sunny 39°C
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