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Sharjah drive against illegal parking takes to Instagram

Legal car parks in Sharjah can be identified by Sharjah Municipality’s logo, investor’s name and parking fees

Residents in Sharjah have been warned against parking in illegal slots in the emirate.

Sharjah Municipality hoped to raise awareness through a notification posted on their Instagram account.

“Sharjah City Municipality is intensifying its inspection campaigns on all car park investments in the city to ensure their compliance with all technical and safety requirements,” it read.

“The municipality, in cooperation with all competent government entities, will close violating car parks.

“Therefore, the municipality calls on the public, especially those whose the service of these violating car parks, to refrain from parking in these car parks to avoid stipulated fines.

“Legal car parks can be identified with a sign that contains Sharjah Municipality’s logo, investor’s name and parking fees.”

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