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Motorists urged to exercise caution in dusty weather

Ministry warns motorists that visibility could drop

The Ministry of Interior called on motorists to exercise caution in view of the reduced horizontal visibility caused by dusty and windy conditions.

The ministry called on motorists to be particularly careful when driving on desert roads on which wind breakers are absent, leading to sand piling up and making it hard for motorists to avoid them if they are driving at high speed.

The ministry also advised motorists to drive at moderate speeds to avoid accidents and to maintain a safe distance between vehicles. It also urged drivers to park on the hard shoulder if visibility levels are very low. Motorists should also avoid parking under trees, billboards and near construction sites.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the ministry said that sand on the surface of roads can cause accidents, which calls for motorists to be more cautious, focused, and abide by traffic rules. It also urged motorists to use hazard warning lights if they completely stop and to switch on headlights during the day if visibility reduces further.

The ministry pointed out other risks associated with windy conditions. For instance, when a light vehicle overtakes a heavy truck, the air pressure and wind’s power first drop and then increase suddenly when the light vehicle passes the truck, which can cause the light vehicle to swerve or overturn.

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