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Alert: Never Shut down WhatsApp on your iPhone by swiping up

Whatsapp users of iPhone are mystified by unusual message, asking them not to shutdown the app.

Are you using WhatsApp on iPhone iOS 11?

Then you likely have already received a message requesting not to shut the app down by swiping up.

Excluding the iPhone X, every Apple phone closes apps by double-clicking the Home Button or swiping up to the windows, This is applicable when a  user doesn’t want to keep open by using the ‘app switcher’.

iPhone X users just have to swipe halfway up the screen, then hold for a second on an app and swipe to shut it down.

The users are receiving alerts to not do this.

When you swipe to close, the app will prevent you from receiving notifications.

Check out the video of the notification, from the Apple's tech support team.



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